Hunting reserve

In Croatia, a country full of charm, lie still wild and uninhabited territories where LUKSIM has identified the ideal conditions for a genuine taste hunting and the relationship between man and animal meets old balances.

The reserve insists the province of Zara and includes the following areas


 VELIKI URLJAJ ( zoom, video )

hectares 18123; near Gracac, offers a great deal of woodcocks.


 SILBA ( zoom )

hectares 1498; it is an island near Losinj good for woodcock and pigeons.


PREMUDA ( zoom )

hectares 831; it is an island near Losinj and Silba, good for woodcock and wild rabbits.


DUGI OTOK ( zoom )

(long island) in the Park of Cornati: hectares 4568; in winter, during periods of extreme cold (December-January) there is a good presence of woodcocks.


LJUBOVO ( zoom )

hectares 11200; this reserve adjoins that of Veliki Urljaj and offers a great amount of woodcocks.



hectares 9546; this reserve is 30 km from the town of Gracac and is probably the best reserves of central Croatia for partridges, offers a good amount of woodcocks.


A short video of 5:27 minutes with evocative images of the Veliki Urljaj reserve, about 18000 hectares of land ideal for woodcock.