The Woodcock is a wild coveted by hunters, anxiety research, the tension before the shot, the thrilling joy of one who has conquered his prey. The intimate life of this bird, essentially solitary, who spends his life by day among the thick of the woods, from which comes only with the first shadows of the night, it is still too full of darkness and mystery. The hunt for the “queen” is first vocation, then technique. The woodcock hunter is a poet, looking at the big eyes of the “queen” we see reflections distant birch woods. Woodcocks Hunting



coturniceA dog can make you revive the desire to go in search of a wild that no longer exists in the nearby mountains and push you to look in an area with a pristine habitat. A true fighter, suffered that enhances the qualities of the hunter. Partridge hunting retains all its old world charm. It is the ideal wild for pointing dog.



starna-partridgeThe Partridge is one of the most wanted volatile. Only champion dogs are able to grasp the subtle emanation in the air. Since ancient times, has always had an irresistible fascination for the hunter. It was an elite sport and continues to be so only because it requires hunters and auxiliary experts. It is a wild animal you can’t invent and only its authenticity remains the only one able to save the spontaneity of the hunt.